About US

How It All Began?

Cody and Brea Vertz, both Michigan natives, have been invested in the Ludington area since 2017. Brea has served the area in real estate and is currently in Midwifery school, and Cody served in the Army as an infantryman for four years where he was awarded a Purple Heart before being medically retired in 2014. During his service, he developed strong leadership skills, attention to detail, and the value of building a trusting relationship with those around him. Since his retirement, he began his construction portfolio with the remodeling homes which revealed the need for an innovative pole barn business.

He wanted to do things to a higher standard than what was already being offered. Instead of just throwing up a barn, his goal is to build something that will last a lifetime that can be passed on for generations to come. With the development of new technology, building techniques are available and not being utilized. He is looking to fill that gap and bring pole buildings to a higher standard with a team centered on customer relationships and integrity. With his attention to detail and construction knowledge, he guarantees a product that you will be more than satisfied with.

We serve West Michigan from Muskegon to Bear Lake, and Ludington to Baldwin. The opportunity to show you the Barn Bosses difference is an honor and we look forward to serving you and fulfilling all of your barn needs.