We Build More Than Just Barns

When it comes to homes, businesses, storage facilities, airplane hangars, buildings to protect and store your hobbies, we build them all and we build them better. We build them to last!!

  • Experience: Over 10 years
  • Projects: 100’s
  • Project Type: Homes, Schools, Churches, Businesses and many more.


At Barn Bosses, we don’t just throw poles in the ground like many have historically. Our barns are designed to last GENERATIONS.

The throw away era stops here, where no wood meets the ground! You heard that right! Barn Bosses uses top tier products like Perma Columns that are 10,000 PSI poured and rebar reinforced cement columns that are in the ground. So no more replacing posts with these junk “treated” posts made today.

Shoot even our Rat boards are cement, so there is no wood at all touching the ground.

We mean it when we say these are built to last a lifetime.

    Residential Home

    At Barn Bosses, we’re passionate about turning dreams into reality, especially when it comes to designing the home you’ve always envisioned. Our expertise in post-frame construction offers unmatched versatility, perfect for creating stunningly beautiful homes that truly stand out.

    Our customers can live, work and play all inside one building! There is almost literally no limitation to what we at Barn Bosses can do. If you are looking for large open living spaces our construction process is ideal for that. Our construction process creates structures that are strong sturdy and can stand the test of time. Whether the home build is big or small we can accommodate them all.

    Many of our barns come with amenities like:

    1. Heated cement floors

    2. Closed cell spray foam walls

    3. 1” foam board between steel and purlins on walls

    4. Insulated ceilings

    5. Floor drains

    6. Water/air lines with no seams/joints in the cement

    And so much more!

    Hobby Houses

    What’s a Hobby House? I am glad you asked. A hobby house is an amazing place where you can create, build, craft, store, display, house, and protect all those Amazing things that occupy your world. From incredible Man-Caves to She-Sheds. Hangars for your airplane, a museum and display for your collectibles or your custom cars, rebuilds and restores. Want to build a hunting cabin out in the woods, or a place to get away from the world in the wilderness, whatever it is we want to help you build it and protect the things that you value most.

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