I Don’t Get The Barndominium – Why is this Trending?

Written by Colin

February 1, 2022

Barndominiums are Blowing Up Social Media

This trend in post frame buildings is blowing up on social media and all over the internet. So it starts by taking a post frame building and  then make them to be used as a living or residential buildings. Barn Bosses is taking things a step further with their Barndominium buildings. What makes this building so special is you get all the incredible benefits of a post frame building, strong construction and open living spaces that also includes a shop space!

Why is the Barndominium So Special?

Barndominiums are incredibly special because of their large open living spaces and your shop or hobby shop connected all in one space. The exterior uses high quality galvanized aluminum that that prevents rust and wear. You can get your barndominium in a variety of colors. I know what you are thinking. “Can these be customized?” Absolutely your Barndominium is highly customizable. Do you want a wrap around porch to enjoy your outdoor space? You got it. Do you want an open floor plan? You got it. Do you want a second story? It’s yours.  Do you love lots of natural light? We can build yours with windows, lots and lots of windows. So it’s one part shop and one part home. Well that sounds romantic right? Barndominiums can be built however you want them, with every luxury you can wrap your pocket book around while also providing an amazing shop space and storage space for tools, vehicles, and more. Barndominiums are highly cost effective and can be built on almost any budget. That’s the beauty of a barndominium.

Barndominiums are well insulated and will help you keep your energy costs down. The Barndominium is an amazing new option for homeowners that are wanting to live their lives in the country the way they want – in luxury and comfort while keeping the price tag low. To learn more or to get started on your design contact the team at Barn Bosses to get started today.  We use only the very best products in the construction of our Barndominium buildings.

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