Tips To Get Started On Your Post Barndominium With Barn Bosses

Written by Colin

August 3, 2022

Now is the perfect time to start planning your Custom Barndominium. Before you do, here are some topics to consider in your early planning stages:

  • Post Frame Budget – How much are you comfortable spending on the project? It gives our experienced barndominium sales team the ability to walk you through the best avenue, design, style and size of a building for your needs.
  • Needs vs. Wants – Start your garage, lined & insulated shop, Barndominium, machine shed or commercial building post frame wish list. What are the top MUST HAVES for your pole building? Prioritize your needs from wants in case not all add-ons work for your post frame budget.
  • Building Location – Your post frame building site has an impact on the final purchase price. Local codes/regulations, structural engineering, site preparation and available utilities are all issues that could affect the final cost and should be considered before a final decision is made.
  • Construction Style – What look would you like for your garage, shop, Barndominium or commercial building? Roof lines on your post frame building can make a big impact on curb appeal, as well as porches, awnings, window sizes and unique garage overhead doors. Not to mention stone wainscoting, cupulas, and concrete work.
  • Pricing – Call us today for pricing and information. We would love to answer any of the questions you may have for your new barndominium. Our team is unique in the post frame building model of start to finish building services. We are happy to offer the value that our projects take place in house with Barn Bosses Pricing, design and ordering to our crews constructing your post frame building, We are there from start to finish. Barn Bosses would be honored to help you in a purchase not to take lightly. Give our team a call 231.907.2181 or submit a request at

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